TRANSFORM 1:1 In Person or Online Movement & Mobility Coaching

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TRANSFORM Personalised Movement and Mobility Coaching

This programme is designed to address the needs of our bodies in our increasingly technology-driven world as we progress in age but want to stay young in body and mind! 

We can dispell the myth of aging with good movement practices, mindset and nutrition, and it’s becoming increasingly common that we feel better as we get older and learn more about how to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best!  And prevention is better than cure – so the sooner you take on these practices the better!

As a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and SUP instructor, I have dedicated most of my adult life to helping people feel their best, and meet their health, fitness and wellness goals, while getting the most fun out of life they can!

I am so excited to be developing this coaching programme, so I can now share this transformative approach in a simple, user-friendly way to people worldwide, not just those local to me.

And I even suggest those who come to my local classes and private coaching follow this programme in between times!  Most people aren’t able to train with me in person multiple times a week, whereas this programme delivers a full plan for you to follow, with something to do each day.  I have a short, daily  routine that I recommend you do on as many days as you can, and a main programme to follow that is created according to your unique lifestyle needs.  

Your personalised programme may include any of a selection of different fitness & mobility practices, for optimal results.  Full body functional bodyweight or resistance training & conditioning based on the results of your assessments, Vinyasa Yoga, Somatic Yoga, chi kung, breathing practices, the Egoscue method of Postural Alignment Therapy,  mobility coaching and more.  I spend my days (& nights!) researching and trialling these approaches, so I can deliver the very best to you in a simple and usable way.

This programme is designed to fit around your life as well as enhance it.

The TRANSFORM coaching programme meets you where you are at – it can be done with minimal equipment, although if you have access to a gym I will take into account all that you do have available.  

The first session is a 75 – 90 minute online or in person consultation and assessment session (via Zoom if online) and you will be given around 3 practices / drills to do at home while I prepare your personalised programme.  This initial session is £65. 

We then meet for a second 1:1 session where I take you through your personalised programme and any questions you may have.  All 60 minute sessions are £50 and include and email support.

Ideally we will meet in person or online to retest and renew the programme every 3-6 weeks.  You can also have an email only update (for £25) if you need to stretch out the cost.

If you are interested in finding out more please email