The ‘TRANSFORM’ Online Movement & Mobility Programme

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The TRANSFORM Mindful Movement and Mobility Programme – coming soon!

This programme is designed to address the needs of our bodies in our increasingly technology-driven world as we progress in age but want to stay young in body and mind! 

We can dispell the myth of aging with good movement practices, mindset and nutrition, and it’s becoming increasingly common that we feel better as we get older and learn more about how to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best!  And prevention is better than cure – so the sooner you take on these practices the better!

As a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and SUP instructor, I have dedicated most of my adult life to helping people feel their best, and meet their health, fitness and wellness goals, while getting the most fun out of life they can!

I am so excited to be developing this programme, so I can now share this transformative approach in a simple, user-friendly way to people worldwide, not just those local to me.

And I even suggest those who come to my local classes and private coaching follow this programme in between times!  Most people aren’t able to train with me multiple times a week, whereas this programme delivers a full plan for you to follow, with something to do each day.  I have a short, daily morning & evening routine that I recommend you do on as many days as you can, but you can also follow the main programme in a way that suits you and your goals (and I can provide a personal schedule for you to follow, as well as personal support if that’s something you would like to include).

This flexible, modular course is designed to meet you where you are at, and fit around your lifestyle and personal goals.

There are 4 phases, with 3 different movement practices in each phase, as well as a meditative tune-in practice and a savasana-based relaxation you can do before and after any of the main sessions.

Ideally, you’ll spend 4 weeks at each phase before moving on (I can help you decide how long is best to spend on each phase).  You then decide how often you do each practice – if your goal is more fitness oriented then you may follow the Dynamic Fitness Flow 3 times a week, with one day of Mindful Mobility & one day of Somatic Yoga Recovery (as well as a short daily mobility routine).  If your goal is to wind down your nervous system and reduce overall tension you might flip that and do 2 or 3 days of Somatic Yoga Recovery and 2 or 3 days of Mindful Mobility.  You can even adapt the schedule each week to meet your needs and your energy.  You might find that completing a Somatic Yoga Recovery session on a Monday leaves you ready to give more effort on the Dynamic Fitness Flow the following day!  As a weather-dependent sports person I have to adapt my schedule around unpredictable sports opportunities so my weeks will look very different, but I’m always making progress as I have options no matter how much time or energy I have to give, and want to share the magic of this approach with you!

The important thing is that all of these practices do your body and mind the world of good, and work together synergistically to help you feel better & perform better.

The programme incorporates many different fitness & mobility practices, for optimal results.  Full body functional bodyweight training & conditioning, Vinyasa Yoga, Somatic Yoga, chi kung, the Egoscue method of Postural Alignment Therapy, the ATG method, Foundation Training, mobility coaching and more.  I spend my days (& nights!) researching and trialling these approaches, so I can deliver the very best to you in a simple and usable way.

I’ll be offering phase 1 soon, at a special introductory rate, and you will be able to add on the following phases once they launch.  As an early adopter you will also get any future updates automatically.  Once all 4 Phases are launched it will be delivered as a full package.   You have the option to add on personal guidance and coaching from me, or to run with it as it is (which it is designed for, but I also know how much I appreciate accountability and support!)

This programme is designed to fit around your life as well as enhance it.

The TRANSFORM programme uses minimal equipment, and has alternative options if equipment is suggested.  Ideally you would be able to source an exercise band, light dumbells, a swiss ball and a yoga mat for the programme.  It can all be done at home, with follow-along videos that can be saved for offline use, and each workout also has a PDF summary you can print out and follow if you want to get it done but don’t want to follow the video for whatever reason (it is the optimal way to do the workouts, however!).

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