SUP (Paddleboard) Yoga & Fitness Classes in Mudeford and SUP Instruction

Mindful movement, nature appreciation, the energy of the water, and fun with other like-minded people – this truly is a life-affirming way to spend your time and I would love to share this joyful practice with you!

SUP Yoga

If you love the water, and you love yoga (or like the idea of them!) this really is a match made in heaven!

You do NOT need to be a good paddleboarder, or an expert yogi to appreciate the joy of yoga on the water - and it adds a whole new dimension to your practice of both. This really is accessible to all, unless you're not a fan of the water of course - in that case I'd stick to dry land!

The classes are designed so there are options for all - we start in the most stable positions and layer options. Most people don't fall in! In fact, the people who do are usually the ones who do more yoga or paddleboarding and want to push it and take the risk of a topple.

Yoga on the water using a paddleboard as your mat! Being out on the water and immersed in nature and fresh air is such a brilliant way to practice yoga, helping take you away from the noise and chatter of your thinking mind and into the bliss of being and breathing and moving in the present moment.

Accessible to all levels - a love for water is a must but no yoga or paddleboard experience required.


30 mins of paddleboard coaching with 30 mins workout on the boards. Learn to paddle more effectively and with better technique - this also means you're safer on the water when you paddle outside of sessions as you can paddle when it's windy (and the wind can increase without warning when you're out!). We paddle for technique and fitness, in short sprints (so no-one is left behind!). Then we tether up and have a full body on-board workout and stretch! Super fun and a great way to improve your technique and fitness at the same time!

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