Somatic Movement Flow- Classes & Bespoke Private Coaching

A movement practice for our modern lifestyles - incorporating cutting-edge and ancient methods of movement with a focus on mindfulness and inner awareness for a transformative mind-body experience.

Do you want to…

Feel better?
Move better?
Reduce stiffness and tension?
Improve mobility and flexibility?
Improve balance and stability?
Strengthen your back, core and foundations (i.e. your feet & legs!)?
Increase your energy?
Feel better in your body and therefore become more active overall?
Develop freedom of movement & increase movement possibilities?
Improve performance in sports or other activities?
Improve your ability to deal with stress?
Develop a more resilient nervous system?
Take some time out of your hectic daily life?
Improve your breathing and learn breathing techniques you can use in daily life?
Create a healthy movement practice habit?
Learn practices you can use in your daily life to reduce stress, tension, pain, increase energy, improve co-ordination, improve performance?
It might seem like a long list, but this mind-body mindful movement practice can help with all these things – and more!
Whether you are more sedentary than you would like to be, or need to train for and recover from sports or racing around ‘doing life’, I have created a system of intelligent movement, brain-based activations and other techniques that in many cases delivers IMMEDIATE effects on flexibility and mobility, as well as improving how you feel in both the short and longer term (with regular practice!).
This complements other activities – I personally need this in my life to balance out sports that give my body a beating, as well as training at the gym and running around with my two young children (and trying to keep ahead of them in the sports I’m teaching them!).  I am continually adding to my toolbox and weave a variety of life-enhancing practices into class.  

This class gives you a chance to take time out from your busy week, and give your soma, or mind/body, the nourishment it needs. Taking time in your body and out of your thinking mind – refreshing, restorative and transformative!

What Can You Expect in Class?

We start with a time to check-in or tune in to your body with some breath awareness, or a simple breath practice, allowing the chatter and noise of your mind to quieten and ensure you get the most from the class.

We then move through a varied series of poses, flows, techniques and sequences with options for all bodies. This includes:

Somatic Yoga, 
Lymph Flow Practices
Mobility Training Techniques,
Resistance Stretching,
Biomechanics Coaching Techniques,
Postural Therapy (Egoscue Method & Postural Restoration Institute practices)
Chi Kung,
Energy Practices, Breathwork & Pranayama

And we always end with a deep & restorative relaxation!

Your brain is in charge of the tension in your body, so you can release tension almost instantly when you engage the brain effectively.  Somatics and NeuroTraining techniques enable you to release chronic stress-based tension and rebalance and realign both physically and mentally, with often instant effects! 

This system is a powerful practice that creates freedom of movement as well as having a profound energetic effect, giving you a sense of freedom in your Soma (mind-body). There’s an emphasis on ‘interoception’ or the first person experience of being you that only you have, throughout the practice – with practice of deepening awareness and increased focus on the more subtle elements of movement gives our brain a chance to ‘map’ these movements more effectively, creating a stronger foundation which increases strength and performance. 

I also offer one to one sessions, where I can create a bespoke programme depending on your individual needs and goals.  A short, regular home-based practice is a great complement to weekly sessions too, and I can help you with specific techniques and practices.

If you have any questions please do get in touch, and I hope to see you in a class soon!

Classes are £12 drop in. You can also use a flexible 5 or 10 class pass. 5 class passes are £50 and valid for 8 weeks, 10 class passes are £90 and valid for 15 weeks and there’s a 6 class pass (£65) valid for 12 weeks for more flexibility. Whether you are using a pass or dropping in, you just book ahead for the sessions you wish to attend using the booking link below.

There are a few dates that are not showing on the schedule – this is because I am unfortunately unable to teach on those days.

Bespoke 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions.  

Completely personalised sessions to meet your personal (& evolving) goals:

£60 for a 90 minute regular weekly booking. 
£50 for a 60 minute regular weekly booking, £80 for a 60 minute regular booking of 2 sessions each week.

£75 for a one-off or monthly 90 minute session with a personalised routine (£45 each for a shared session).
£60 for a one-off or monthly 60 minute session with a short personalised daily routine (£35 each for a shared session).


Class Booking (please contact me directly for Private Coaching sessions).



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