Somatic Yoga

Somatic Yoga is based on the work of Thomas Hanna, known as Hanna Somatics.  We work in a slow, mindful, flowing way using the concept of pandiculation, rather than passive stretching, to reprogramme the nervous system to allow us more function and freedom of movement.

Try this special and slightly different form of yoga and feel the benefit in your whole being!

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Why Somatic Yoga?


We always start with calm - shifting our nervous system to get rid of the noise of the day and prepare our soma to learn.


We work at the brain level - we reset the tension levels in our muscles by using the power of our mind-body connection.


We also intergrate and capitalise on the enhanced function and posture created by the Somatic flows, working on strength, stability, balance & core.

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Really love being out on the water learning a new skill and Caroline is a brilliant teacher. Look forward to many more sessions. Thank you
SUP Yoga
Caroline is an excellent teacher. I'm a yoga novice (but I love it) and Caroline was encouraging and supportive in the way she gently corrected my positioning. The classes were challenging and I loved the emphasis on the breath and finding your own level. Caroline's enthusiasm for yoga is infectious
Somatic Yoga
Loving the new Somatic Yoga! Caroline is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher and I thoroughly recommend her classes as all abilities are catered for.
Somatic Yoga

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Caroline Radway
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