Postural Alignment Therapy

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Postural Alignment Therapy offers often simple but very powerful and effective movements that help restore alignment to allow us to move optimally.  

Postural Alignment Therapy addresses the whole body, as such you may be given a foot exercise as part of a routine addressing shoulder strength and stability!  

This approach can help with so many aches and pains – sciatica, plantar fasciitis, neck & shoulder tension, generalised pain – to help you feel better, move better and perform better as a result.  This is great for those who are in discomfort from too little movement, as well as those who suffer due to the sports and activities you enjoy.  As we age we realise we have to work on being resilient!  Daily life wreaks havoc on our posture so we need to take steps to balance out our habitual positions with intelligent movement on a regular basis.

Assessing your personal posture and any discomfort or pain you are currently experiencing, I build a programme that addresses these needs to align your body and help you move, and perform, better.  

Postural Alignment Therapy movements are weaved into my other offerings, but to benefit the most from this powerful system it is done on a 1:1 basis, addressing your specific needs.

After an initial assessment, either in person or via Zoom, you will be given a personalised ‘menu’ of e-cises to address your specific needs.  

A regular weekly or monthly session is recommended for accountability and optimal results, these sessions can also incorporate elements of other systems to achieve your goals (Somatic Yoga, Mobility practices, breathwork, Chi Kung etc).  You will be given a short list of exercises to do at home between sessions, suited to your schedule.

£75 for a one-off or monthly 90 minute session, or for your initial consultation session.

£60 for a regular weekly 90 minute session (with a short home routine to follow).

£50 for a regular weekly 60 minute session. £80 for 2 weekly 60 minute sessions.