Mindful Movement - Classes & Bespoke Private Coaching

A movement practice for our modern lifestyles - incorporating cutting-edge and ancient methods of movement with a focus on mindfulness and inner awareness for a transformative mind-body experience.
A well considered full-body movement-based mobility practice is essential for us all – whether you are more sedentary than you would like, or need to recover from sports or racing around ‘doing life’. 

By fusing your exercise and mobility practice with a mindfulness practice you increase the effectiveness of the movements while also giving your mind the recovery and restoration time it needs. This practice gives you a chance to take time out from your busy week to check in to your body and tune in to what it needs physically.  Moving mindfully and with awareness helps quieten the mental chatter and take some much-needed time-out of your head too!  

This is a multi-disciplinary class that incorporates some typical yoga poses and flows, as well as some lesser-known yoga practices, such as Somatic Yoga, and also takes inspiration from other powerful movement and mobility systems including the Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment Therapy, Foundation Training, Functional Range Conditioning and physical therapy.

We always start with a mind-body check in, breath awareness and other simple but effective breathing techniques, and we always end with a deep relaxation in Savasana.

Our bodies are built to move, but much of our life and even sports happens in small ranges.  It’s important we move our joints through their full ranges in order to keep that range – use it or lose it as they say!  This class has you covered as I select from the best movement and mobility practices to craft each class.

This involves active movements through full ranges, as well as stabilising and strengthening those ranges.  Some mobility practices are more slow and controlled, taking influence from systems such as Kinstretch / Functional Range Conditioning, as well as resistance stretching and fascial stretching, others are more fluid and dynamic, influenced by practices such as Chi Kung.

The Egoscue method of postural alignment therapy offers often simple but very powerful and effective movements that help restore alignment to allow us to move optimally.  

Somatics is a practice that effects change at the brain level – your brain is in charge of the tension in your body, so you can release tension almost instantly when you engage the brain effectively.  Somatics releases chronic stress-based tension and enables you to rebalance and realign both physically and mentally. It’s a very powerful practice that creates freedom of movement as well as having a profound energetic effect, giving you a sense of freedom in your Soma (mind-body). There’s an emphasis on ‘interoception’ or the first person experience of being you that only you have, deepening awareness and focussing on the more subtle elements of movement which gives our brain a chance to ‘map’ these movements more effectively, creating a stronger foundation to increase strength and performance. 

Each session is different, and the class evolves as I am continually learning and exploring new movement modalities.  

This class is accessible to all bodies, no prior yoga experience required and there’s definitely no sense of competition or comparison with others.  It’s a bit different from your usual yoga class, so if you’ve not done it before just come willing to learn and experience something new! 

If you have any questions please do get in touch, and I hope to see you in a class soon!

Classes are now only £10 drop in, as we have a bigger venue (I had increased prices when we had to space out more and had a smaller venue!). You can also use a flexible 5 or 10 class pass to reduce the cost and also get priority access to the class (the earlier class, in particular, can fill up quite quickly).  If you can’t commit to regular attendance you can attend on a drop-in basis, whether you are using a pass or dropping in, you just book ahead for the sessions you wish to attend using the booking link below.

We now have a 6.45pm session and an 8.10pm session, as the earlier session was fully booked each week.  The later session is the less busy session, so if they earlier session is full please consider booking the later class. 

There are a few dates that are not showing on the schedule – this is because I am unfortunately unable to teach on those days.

Bespoke 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions.  

Completely personalised sessions, incorporating elements of Somatic Yoga, breathwork, Postural Alignment Therapy, Mobility Coaching, Core Conditioning, Vinyasa Yoga, and Personal Fitness Training as needed to meet your personal (& evolving) goals.

£75 for a one-off or monthly 90 minute session with a personalised routine (£45 each for a shared session).

£60 for a one-off or monthly 60 minute session with a short personalised daily routine (£35 each for a shared session).

£60 for a 90 minute regular weekly booking. 

£50 for a 60 minute regular weekly booking, £80 for a 60 minute regular booking of 2 sessions each week. 

Class Booking (please contact me directly for Private Coaching sessions).



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