Liberating Somatic Yoga

Modern life takes its toll on our bodies & minds, these classes and private coaching sessions deliver the antidote to that.

This is not a standard Yoga class. 

My teaching has evolved over the past 15 years of being both a Yoga Teacher & a Personal Trainer, as well as a watersports athlete.  I have been coaching clients both in group settings and one-to-one for many years and while everyone has unique challenges and situations, the thing that unites us all is the need to regain and maintain physical balance in order to reduce pain and dysfunction, in order to operate at our functional, physical best.  The effects of modern life means this applies as much to those in their 20s as 80s! 

This practice is perfect for anyone with aches, pains and niggles, whether from working too much at the computer, caring for people, repetitive daily activities or from other fitness activities or sports – this does not mean it’s specifically a gentle practice, it just has very powerful effects!  

Personally, I have a would-be debilitating level of arthitis in my right knee, due to injuries sustained 2o years ago in the army and several operations.  I have mystified surgeons as my MRI says a different story to my body, they don’t seem to understand the power of movement and the mind at creating a pain-free body as we age.  I want to help others move away from limiting beliefs about what they are capable of and the idea that a steady decline in function as we age is a given, and offer you the best ways to keep functioning optimally and free yourself from pain & physical limitation.

My passion is in helping people feel their best, physically & mentally, and I continually strive to offer the best methods and tools to deliver that to clients both in classes and in private coaching sessions.

This may be your only structured movement practice, or it may be your recovery from more intense practices or sports.  Regardless, this will benefit your life in many ways.  If you are sedentary, you will feel better and stronger and realise you enjoy other movement more, the upward spiral will take effect.  If you are active, you will recover better and address imbalances and niggles that your sport or activity will create (they all do!) so you can perform better and keep going longer – both in the short and long term.

A typical group session always starts with time to check in to your body and your breath, shifting to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system.  Noticing and paying attention is a crucial first step to change.  Using tools from hatha and vinyasa yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, Somatics, Gentle Somatic Yoga, functional range conditioning, mobility practices, functional physical training, Foundation Training, the Egoscue method and more, I take you on a journey to find and release chronic tension, which is directed by the brain and nervous system.  We then re-educate the mind-body to create new neural pathways, creating a strong foundation upon which we layer end range strength, control, balance and co-ordination, rebuilding the body to function optimally.  We end each session with a blissful relaxation to allow your nervous system to process the changes, and to leave you feeling amazing!

Private sessions can be completely tailored to your needs, and specifically address your personal postural imbalances that lead to tension, pain, discomfort and limited function.  I also give you movements you can do in between sessions for optimal effect.  I am currently training as an Egoscue Method Postural Assessment Specialist and once that training is complete I will be offering that on a private basis both in person and online.

75 min Zoom classes are £8 drop in, or £65 for a 10 session pass.  

75 min in-person classes are £12 drop in, or £90 for a flexible 10 class pass.

1:1 Private Sessions are based around £50 for an hour, £45 if you have a regular weekly booking, or £75 for a regular booking of 2 sessions each week. Longer sessions and personal programme options are also available.

Class Booking (please contact me directly for Private Coaching sessions).



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