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What ELSE is possible?

Access Consciousness - Access Bars

Access Bars is like running the ‘defrag’ programme on your computer – and we need this more than our computers do! Releasing the obstacles to living in peace, joy and with ease, who knows where this could take you?   

32 specific points on the head are touched gently while you recline and relax.  

Book to have your Bars run in a private session in Mudeford. £40 for an hour of relaxation – that could also lead to huge life shifts!

I will also soon be offering a ‘Facelift’ class – that helps to unwind tension in the physical body, and unwind the effects of stress and time on our bodies.

If you’d like to become a Practitioner, please message me for details of the next Practitioner Training Day, these will be starting in the summer.  £260 per person for Access Bars (£230 for Facelift).

For more information about Access Consciousness and Access Bars, please visit:

Liquid Motion Yoga, yoga ChristchurchSup Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Sup, Healing
Sup Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Sup, Healing


I also offer Reiki sessions, which can offer relaxation and healing

(although if you are drawn to Reiki but have never experienced Access Bars I highly recommend you do that instead!) 

£40 for an hour’s session.

Practitioner Training also offered – please contact me for details.

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